Animals X Kingdom is a one-man project focused on veganism, animal liberation and anarchism. The reason why I started this very small DIY „label“ was, because I wanted to support people who fight for the animals and to change the view how people see animals.

I don’t care if you think I am too radical, or that my point of view is not correct. I only believe in myself and try my best to help innocent victims of human greed! If you don’t live vegan, don’t buy my stuff. If you don’t support animal liberation, don’t buy my stuff. If you think the ALF is too radical, don’t buy my stuff.
We can only really change something if we go one step further than legally allowed. Because what happens to billions of sentient beings, is in my eyes illegal.

There was a time when it was okay that women did not have the same rights as men had and nothing was done until enough women had resisted and the society noticed that it was wrong to suppress them.
There was a time when it was okay that people of different skin colors were held as slaves and  were kept by the whites by the racial separation. This had been changed when enough men and women went to the streets to defend themselves and they have been right when they realized how wrong it was.
And then there was a time when people were imprisoned, exploited, and finally killed because of religion, sexual orientation, and ethnic origin. We know now how wrong all this was, but let it still happen billions of times with animals and do not do anything against it.

We believe that we are invincible and that no one can touch us. Only that we presume to be the crown of creation and to be independent is a joke when we consider that we are governed by a small group of people and let our whole life be governed by laws dictating to us what we are allowed to do. Religion favors this thinking by pretending that the so-called God created animals only to get eaten by us. As long as people around me eat meat, consume dairy, wear fur, treat animals the wrong way, I will tell them, how wrong this is and that I hope, they die the same way as the animals. I don’t care if no one wants to talk to me, because of my hatred, as long as I see the respect and gratitude in the eyes of a liberated animal.

Every single item sold over my page was paid with my own personal money. Every income from orders will get donated to sanctuaries, shelters, animal liberation activists, or organizations who fight for animal rights.