Animal Liberation Acitivism News 08.10.17

Direct Action

01.10.17 Hunt Saboteurs UK: During the badger cull many activists have reported hunt sabotage in the zones. A total of 7 shooting towers, 2 shooting platforms, 13 mink traps, a number of snares, a ladder trap and multiple squirrel traps have been dismantled or sabotaged at the end of the third week of the badger cull across the country.

05.10.17 ALF France: Activists shut down many animal cruelty website and disclosed login credentials of the website owner. There is also a call out for a week of international antispecist action from 30 October till – 5 November 2017.

05.10.17 Hunt Saboteurs Sweden: Hunter tower in Riala, Sweden was destroyed by Hunt Saboteurs.

06.10.17 Helpbanyulin China: Helpbanyulin rescued 7 dogs from dog traders.


02.10.17 FastAgainstSlaughter Worldwide: On Monday many animal liberation activists fasted the whole day for animals. The World Day For Farmed Animals was founded in 1983.

02.10.17 Animal Equality UK: The organization already collected over 25000 signs for their petition to ban foie gras import to UK.

05.10.17 Lifegrab UK: My friends band Lifegrab played their first show and a couple more this week. They are spreading the vegan movement and try to convince people to fight for non-human animals.

05.10.17 Toronto Pig Save Canada: This day marks the one year anniversary of the Fearmans rollover when a transport truck crashed just prior to arriving at Fearmans Slaughterhouse. The truck was full of baby pigs arriving to be murdered. Toronto Pig Save honored the victims and opposed the abhorrent and unnecessary cruelty that is the animal agriculture industry.

Animal Rights Activists & Prisoners

01.10.17 Running Down the Walls 2017 USA: A 5K run for Eco-Anarchist Trans Prisoner Marius Mason. Marius Mason is an anarchist, environmental activist, and animal rights activist serving nearly 22 years in federal prison for acts of property damage carried out in defense of the planet.

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