Animal Liberation Acitivism News 30.09.17

Direct Action

24.09.17 ALF Germany: a mobile deer-stand was destroyed in Hilkerode.

27.09.17 ALF UK: Deer-stands in the Norfolk Wildlife Trust were destroyed.

23.09.17 – 30.09.17 Hunt Saboteurs UK: Almost 10 Hunt Saboteurs actions took place in UK in the past week. With their presence they were able to sabotage hunts from hunting. Many different sab groups worked together to make that possible. They also released video material of the pheasant shooting industry and how they treat them. Because of their investigation, media took notice and shared the footage.


23.09.17 – 30.09.17 Anonymous For The Voiceless Worldwide: Almost 40 Cubes of Truth were held around the globe!

26.09.17 269Life Libération Animale Worldwide: In 3 cities around the global, local activists held for the second time a silent vigil at night in front of slaughterhouses. They were held in Germany, France and USA.


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