Animal Liberation Activism News 05.11.17

Direct Action

30.10.17 ALF France: 74 activists from 269Life Libération Animale occupied the roof of a slaughterhouse in France. After 26 hours of occupation, all of them have been arrested and are in custody. Their vehicles have also been seized by the filth.

30.10.17 ALF Sweden: 25 activists from Djurfront barricaded the entrance of the mink farm in Falkenberg locking themselves to the gates.

01.11.17 ALF UK: Under the International Week of Action Against Speciesism, an egg-laying chicken farm in the north UK was sabotaged. 100 chickens were liberated.

01.11.17 ALF Czech Republic: More than 20 hens were liberated from a poultry farm.

03.11.17 ALF Greece: Under the International Week of Action Against Speciesism, activists spray-painted the windows of butcher stores and pet shops.


30.10.17 – 05.11.17 International Week of Action Against Speciesism: Many different organizations and people liberated animals, destroyed vivisection inventory and/or left messages at the places to finally stop torture non-human animals!

04.11.17 London Day of Action Against the Fur Trade: London and New York City joined forces to take action against the fur industry on that day.

05.11.17 International Cube Day: Approximately 200 cube of truths were held today around the globe.

Animal Rights Activists & Prisoners

05.11.17 Barry Horne UK: 16 years ago Barry Horne an ALF POW died after a hunger strike in prison. The hunger strike took place while Horne was serving an 18-year sentence for planting incendiary devices in stores that sold fur coats and leather products, the longest sentence handed down to any animal rights activist by a British court.

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