Animal Liberation Activism News 12.11.17

Direct Action

06.11.17 ALF France: Activists destroyed Hunting towers and left a message for the hunter showing, that the ALF was here!

07.11.17 ALF Cyprus: When dead dogs were found in disgusting cages, activists decided to liberate the remaining live sick dogs. In total 12 dogs have been liberated, receiving medical attention, and hope to be re homed when fully recovered.

07.11.17 ALF UK: Several turkeys were liberated from a farm and can now live in freedom!

08.11.17 ALF Germany: Max-Delbrück and “The Charite” as well as the University of Humboldt were targeted with stickers, paint, stencils and placards to ask for the end of animal exploitation in laboratories.

10.12.17 ALF Italy: 2 towers and 2 traps used for hunting were destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front in Italy. It was signed as ALF and a painted message left behind, ‘Hunters are shit’.


05.11.17 – 12.11.17 Cube of Truth International: Almost 30 Cube Of Truths were held by Anonymous for the Voiceless worldwide!

Animal Rights Activists & Prisoners

08.11.17 Martin Smedjeback Sweden: Martin Smedjeback, organizer of the Swedish Save Movement, will be serving a prison sentence starting today for freeing salmon and turkeys in two different open rescues with Tomma burar.

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