Animal Liberation Activism News 22.10.17

Direct Action

15.10.17 Djurfront Sweden: Activists from Djurfront locked themselves to the entrance of the mink farm in Falkenberg.

18.10.17 ALF Turkey: 8 rabbits were released in Kadiköy (Istanbul).

19.10.17 ALF Chile: Activists destroyed laboratories at the University of Santiago de Chile and released over 100 rats from vivisection.

21.10.17 ALF France: Due to a coincidence a few people were able to release a dove and a chicken from a cage in the forests.


15.10.17 USA: Governor Brown Signs AB 485 into California State Law! California is now the first state in the USA to require that all cats, dogs, and rabbits sold in stores come from rescue organizations, not commercial breeding facilities (aka puppy mills).

Animal Rights Activists & Prisoners

19.10.17 Tomma Burar (Empty Cages) Sweden: Martin and Ramin were each sentenced to one month in prison. They were convicted of freeing one trout from a fish farm in the summer of 2015 and freeing four turkeys from a factory farm in the summer of 2016.

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