Animals X Kingdom sanctuary

Everything started about a year ago. I wanted to do something to support a good cause and make a difference. Animals X Kingdom was born. I bought some records, put them online for sale, wrote a few blog posts and looked what will happen. People seem to like what I am doing and bought records. Friends supported me with helpful tips and I improved my media presence. Now almost one year later, I donated 1000EUR, released a record, interviewed awesome people and many more is in the works.

But now it is time for the next logical step (I already had in mind months ago, but was not sure if I should try it.) I will found a non profit organization which allow me to receive donations, be legally protected and can build up my own animals kingdom.

Why should I enable the option for donations? Because my final goal is to create a safe place for animals, or otherwise called sanctuary. Yes, I will try to build my own animal sanctuary in the next couple of years.

How do I achieve this? First of all, I need to register my non profit organization here in Berlin. For that reason I need in total 7 people with which I am founding it. I do not ask you for real assistance right now, but I need 6 more people who wants to be a part Animals X Kingdom first steps toward a sanctuary. You should ideally live in Berlin or near area. If you want to help me with this legal step, get in touch with me via mail at, write me a message over facebook or instagram.

Next step is to split all ingoing money for donations and the rest for the sanctuary to start it properly. I hope all of you trust me that all the money still goes to a good cause, just not everything goes away to others.

If vegan straightedge bands want to support me, I would appreciate donations of records I can sell. If labels have deadstock of vegan straightedge records they no longer sell, I would gladly take them.

All of this will take time and effort, but I am ready to do it. Nevertheless I am afraid to fail.

That said, I will extend my website with all the progress I make. Already planned releases will stay on my ToDo list, but not more right now. Even if I only save one innocent being from getting slaughtered and live the rest of his life in peace and freedom on my sanctuary it was worth it!

For every life for liberation

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