Donation: All Donations of 2018

So, another year is over and it is time to look back how much money I was able to donate to good causes. To be fair, not all the money I donated was by Animals X Kingdom itself.

Let’s recall the past and start with the first donation made in 2018.

Open Cages

The reason behind this donation was, that I want to support people who show the truth about farmed animals, especially in fur farms and similar. I will never understand why people are obsessed with wearing the skin, ripped off from a dead animal, and in some cases not even dead, still alive, during the procedure. With the hard work from Open Cages and other equal organizations new laws are passed to protect non-human animals from that cruelty. For this reason, I donated 200€ to them. If you want more information about that donation, click here.h

Sea Shepherd & ALF Prisoners

With the official exclusive distribution of Nueva Etica – Inquebrantable, I made new covers in honor of Sea Shepherd and ALF prisoners. This record was originally released by Storm of Justice in Switzerland and with the courtesy of Filip from the label, I got my hands on all the dead stock, including this record. Half of the records had a cover design related to Sea Shepherd and the other half related to the Animal Liberation Front. I guess I do not need to explain again why I support them, haha. So overall round about 2000$ went to Sea Shepherd and another round about 1000$ to 4 ALF POW’s in total. If you want more information about that donation, click here.

Freedom Farm Animal Rescue

Freedom Farm Animal Rescue was chosen for my XVX benefit Compilation containing 10 awesome veganedge hardcore bands. Freedom Farm Animal Rescue is a sanctuary hosting over 200 animals all the time and they take care of them in a very good way. My first donation to them was made in August 2018 and as I still have plenty of records left, I will continue to donate money, every new and then when I sold another bunch of records from the compilation. Due to that, for now 575$ found their way to them in form a donation. If you want more information about that donation, click here.

Animals X Kingdom Sanctuary

Of course, this is by far the biggest “donation” I made. It is not a real donation, but I put money aside from all the orders I got, to be able to start one day my own sanctuary. All the money I put aside for now, was mainly from the XVX compilation, but also little bit from other items as well. To give you a precise number, how much money I saved for now, for my own “purpose”: round about 2000€ are on my exclusive bank account for the sanctuary. If you want more information about that donation, click here.

Farm Sanctuary – Turkey Flock Adoption

As you may know I fast on every religious feast where non-human animals were sacrificed, like Christmas, Kapparot, Eastern, Eid ul-Adha and of course Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving I thought it would be good to see if any sanctuary protect turkeys in a special way and I found Farm Sanctuary. Each year, they are saving many turkeys from getting slaughtered for Thanksgiving and give them their forever home. Therefore it was obvious that I will support them with a donation. That said, I “adopted” 5 turkeys with a total number of 150$. If you want more information about that donation, click here.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

I guess you see a pattern here, I supported another sanctuary, haha. As recently announced, my last donation for 2018 went to Catskill Sanctuary. They host for nearly 20 years abused and formed animals and give them a safe place to live their life. They advocate veganism in a good way and offer well done vegan recipes on their website too. For that reason 600$ were donated in total to help them cover their expenses. If you want more information about that donation, click here.

Now let’s put all the numbers together: round about 5800$ were donated in total to several organizations, individual people and sanctuaries. If you ask me, that is huge. Thanks to all the people who support me, my project and future vision of a Sanctuary. New releases are currently worked on and I hope you will like them and buy all of them.


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