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It’s finally done. My second donation was made about a week ago. If you followed my Instagram Feed and posts on facebook lately, it was clearly visible, that my main focus was the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. And I have also posted a blog post about this cruel topic. I know there is no real difference between eating a dog or eating a pig. At least there is no difference for people, who are compassionate and able to use their brain!

Animal Hope And Wellness is one of the leading organizations who are fighting to stop that Festival, besides many other actions. They were able to stop quiet a few trucks on the streets, before they arrived at the Festival and released so many dogs. Some of them had a chip, which clearly shows, that the dogs were stolen from other cities, just to end a cruel death. They were injured and unfortunately also some were already dead when they get released.

Due to the high amount of dogs in a really short timeframe, they created some special first aid shelter to take care of them. For that reason, they need money. I decided to donate some of the labels money there, to help them.

If you are asking me now, why I donated money to such a big organization and not to a small local one. The answer is very simple: As bigger as they are, the more animals they are able to help. If I reach more people with my posts, they can do more great work. That does not mean, I do not care about small shelters/organizations, just for the first donations I wanted to go big. I will definitely try to help also smaller ones, because every life counts equally!

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