Donation: Berlin Animal Shelter – To Ashes 7″

You may have seen my first own physical release To Ashes – The Refusal To Accept. The whole record is a donation based project from the band itself. Every income from the band itself is getting donated to Alpi Occidentali Anti Repression.

All the money I will get from the records will go to the Berlin Animal Shelter. I decided to give them the money, because in the last couple of weeks we had many rainstorms here in Berlin and the shelter got a lot of water damage and they struggled to save all the hosted animals from getting injured.

The Berlin Animal Shelter is the biggest shelter of Europe. It is 16 hectare big. They try to accept every animal brought to them, or if they have no capacity, they place them with other organizations. If you live in Berlin, you can help them with signing up as a volunteer, feed cats and dogs, clean their quarters, go walkies or simply donate money to make sure, all of them get what they need.

Of course in a perfect world, we won’t need shelters like this, but we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a world, where selfish people abandon innocent living beings, just because they no longer want to take care of them, or because their pet is getting too old, or does not look as preferred.

If you decide to host an animal, please adopt one from a shelter instead of supporting breeders. Every animal deserves the right to get loved and treated well!

I will keep you posted with the final amount money for the donation later this year.

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