Donation: Farm Sanctuary – Turkey Flock Adoption

Every year on the 4th Thursday, the USA is celebrating Thanksgiving. And as a tradition many innocent turkeys are getting slaughtered for this feast. To show my personal solidarity with every non-human animal, which is getting murdered today, I will starve the whole day. For me it is just 24 hours to not eat anything, but for them it is in most cases the last day on earth where they only feel, terror, fear, pain and the death.

But fortunately Sanctuaries like Farm Sanctuary in New York and California who save and host many animals, they are adopting Turkeys from being killed by human greed and ignorance. Due to that it was the perfect time for my next donation and guess what, I adopted some Turkeys.

Here is a short story from them:

  • Gerda is one of 24 turkeys saved by an anonymous rescuer and brought to Farm Sanctuary. Since they were debeaked, a common industry practice, these turkeys most likely started life on a factory farm. They were weak and ill upon arrival, but these days, Gerda lets everyone know who’s boss!
  • In helping animals like Perdita, compassion truly begins on our plates. Raised on a factory farm, Perdita would have been among the 240 million turkeys slaughtered for meat in the U.S. each year. Thankfully, she was able to come to Farm Sanctuary, where she has quite the appetite for life!
  • Spunky’s guardian rescued her from becoming a Thanksgiving meal, hoping to provide a better life for her. Unfortunately, the woman was unequipped to care for turkeys, and we stepped in to make sure Spunky was able to get the medical attention she needed. At Farm Sanctuary, she rules the roost!
  • Ruthie’s former “owner” thought she was purchasing chicks for her backyard-hen flock; as Ruthie grew, though, the woman realized she was actually a turkey! Since she was unequipped to care for turkeys, however, Ruthie couldn’t stay. So she contacted Farm Sanctuary, where Ruthie now enjoys the beautiful life she deserves.
  • Bowie is a confident, assertive leader who loves to strut proudly in front of his rooster fans and enjoys chatting with the turkeys who live next door. He was surrendered by his former guardian and is now the star of his flock at Farm Sanctuary.

With your help and all your orders, I was able to donate 150$ to Farm Sanctuary and adopt my new lovely brothers and sisters Spunky, Bowie, Ruthie, Gerda and Perdita

We are at a point where veganism is no longer enough to protect our non-human friends from fear and cold prisons called cages and factory farms. With every spare dollar you can go without and donate to a good cause, you actually save lives. I am thankful for being in touch with amazing bands and people, releasing awesome records and donating all the money to those who really need it every single day.

And to finish this post, I want to share a heart warming video called:

A Song for Turkeys: Let’s All Do Better

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