Donation: Freedom Farm Animal Rescue

Some of you may already have seen it on my Instagram story. I made my donation for Freedom Farm Animal Rescue in New Jersey. They host over 200 animals mostly so-called livestock like sheeps, cows, pigs, goats, horses etc.

There is not much to say about the sanctuary itself. They rescue animals and take care of them. Non-human animals no longer fear terror, pain or any exploitation. The only difference between them and some other sanctuaries is, that they also buy animals before they get slaughtered. I understand that some may say, there are enough animals which get rescued without paying the exploiter money to let them free and therefore it is not ethically acceptable. All I have to say is, every live counts and as long as sanctuaries save together as many animals as possible, I will support them.

With the first records I sold from my XVX compilation, I was able to donate 575$ to Freedom Farm Animal Rescue. Everyone who has ordered a record directly from me, or all the labels who made a distribution order, you made that possible. With your orders you are saving lives and give them a better place on our mother earth.

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