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Have you ever seen the cruelty of hunting in UK? Where rich bastards on horses scream and hound innocent foxes, cubs and other animals. And for what? Just for their pleasure. And this is legitimized by the politicians. I mean it is really pathetic to brisk up other people on the hunt for hunting innocent sentient beings just for their fun. Thats why Hunt Saboteurs are here. They are the first in the line when it comes to stop hunting in United Kingdom. They do not fear any contact or battle with the elitist society of UK. They exist now for over 50 years and are still fighting to stop the weekly cruelty on the fields and forests of England.

I just made my next donation. This time I am going with a direct action organization called Hunt Saboteurs from UK. But not only went my money to that organization, no, I also supported the guys and girls from On The Wild Side. They are currently recording a documentary about hunting world wide. The society still believes it is a type of sport to hunt and kill innocent animals. But thats not the truth. They just do it for their own fun and entertainment. I mean how disgusting can a human be with putting a dead head as a trophy on the wall and claim, being the crown of creation.

On the Wild Side is a campaign of a few people who want to show everyone what is going on in the wildlife and how we, humans, really treat innocent animals. They are also interviewing a lot of people about their work against hunting, like Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd. One of the main people behind this campaing is Giacomo Giorgi, better known as the vocalist of To Kill from Italy.

Animals already suffer in slaughterhouses, factory farms, laboratories, zoos, etc. they should not also fear the death in their natural habitat. So please support all the people out their on the frontline who are fighting to save as many animals as possible!

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