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On my last „Gaia is falling“ post, I explained shortly my problem with fur farming. Hopefully some of you also watched the documentary Klatki, I embedded on the bottom of the article. There was also another reason, why I made that post and the referrals to other projects, because in the background I placed the next donation.

Open Cages has been recognised as one of the 12 most effective animal charities in the world by Animal Charity Evaluators.

Open Cages was founded in 2012. Their members are people from all over Poland, who want to change the fate of farmed animals. They strongly believe that changing the situation of animals is possible, and they take action that brings them closer to this goal.

They are advocating for a better protection of farmed animals and for the consumers’ right to be fully informed about the conditions in which these animals are kept. They do not only educate people about fur farming and how to finally stop that cruelty, no they also provide helpful information for plant-based meals in restaurants and insights into the egg production and why nobody should support that.

The have teams on the streets, people who work with politicians to change laws, publish reports and leaflets and many more.

If you want to know, how much I was able to donate to them, here we go: 200EUR!

I really hope the money will help them investigate on other fur farms and furthermore have an impact on educating people on the streets until all of us live vegan!

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