Donation: Summary of my donations in 2017

When I started Animals X Kingdom, I thought I will raise a lot of money I can donate and people will buy all the records I offer immediately. Then when everything began in April 2017 orders came in slowly. But every order meant, money for a good cause. I raised money for a a few different organizations and I want to go in detail where all the money went in 2017.

Cruelty Free International

Cruelty Free International fights to shutdown all animal testings world wide and works together with many different companies to encourage them to invest money in alternative testing methods. I am always happy when I buy a new product and find the leaping bunny on the back. Every single second so many innocent animals get tortured in laboratories, please do not support this cruelty! Together with selling 2 personal records I donated 135$.

Animal Hope And Wellness

Animal Hope And Wellness is the leading organization who works together with the Government in China to finally take an end to the Yulin Dog Meat festival and all the illegal dog/cat trading actions. They stopped many trucks heading to the Festival and released many many dogs and other animals. But they are working on other issues like insufficient conditions of shelters and how to improve them. I was able to donate 50$ to them!

Hunt Saboteurs & On The Wild Side

Lets start with the project On The Wild Side; founded my Giacomo (vocalist of To Kill and member of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) and others. They made a documentary to show the cruelty of hunting (doesn’t matter if legal or illegal). With their Indiegogo campaign they raised money to finalize the documentary and provide different merch options too.

Additionally one of the leading anti-hunt organizations is Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA). Many different chapters in UK are risking every weekend their lives in stopping the scumbags from hunting foxes, badgers etc. But they also destroy traps and release them from the traps. Both donations together were 100$.

Animal Sanctuaries on Patreon

I have a monthly donation for different Sanctuaries on my Patreon Account since September. I support 4 different Sanctuaries right now.

  • Santuario Igualdad
  • Lily And Friends Rescue
  • New Jersey’s Freedom Farm Animal Rescue
  • Sanctuary at Soledad Goats

Because I do not sell so much records at the moment, I can only donate 1$ to each, every month. But I hope to increase it in the near future! All in all tight now only 16$ were donated to all Sanctuaries together.

Berlin Animal Shelter

With my first own vinyl release (together with BBMA Records) called To Ashes – The Refusal To Accept I made a huge donation to the Berlin Animal Shelter. That shelter is one of the biggest in Europe and due to the heavy rainstorms in Summer/Autumn where some parts were destroyed, they really needed the money. They take care of so many animals and try to place them with their future home. Since the release of the record I already donated 367$.

That means in 2017, within 8 months I donated almost 670$. I am really happy with that result, but I hope a lot more comes in in 2018, it is just up to you as a consumer, where you buy your stuff and which label you are supporting.

Thanks to all my customers and your support! It is really appreciated!

For every life for liberation

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