Future Plans for Animals X Kingdom

I had several attempts for this post, because I was not sure how to begin with. As you may have noticed, I was not really active lately. I already explained that in the past, that I am struggling with some mental health issues. On one side, I really hate humanity and I try to avoid contact with people as often as possible. And then on the other side I still feel so guilty for my first 17years of life where I consumed animal products. I know I will never do enough to help, save and protect non-human animals in my entire life and due to that, I have every now and then some thoughts to quit. But there is no dark without light. Every time when I see a dog or a cat, I start to smile instantly and it reminds me why I am here and for whom I am doing this. I am here to give my best to make this world a better place for our non-human brothers and sisters out there and even if all my effort “only” saves a few innocent souls it is better than nothing and giving up entirely.

So what can you expect from Animals X Kingdom in the future?

First and foremost I will update my logo and website with a cleaner look. I also want to be more active on social media and post there new stuff and news related to animal rights activism.

Next, I will rethink my donations to see if I mainly support one sanctuary for example where I will sponsor animals with periodic payments or if I will go ahead as before and when I find a good cause, my money will find their way to them.

I need to accept that with all the bureaucracy and lack of support from people, I will not be able to start my own sanctuary. So I moved my plans onto, that one day I will join a sanctuary and try to have my project still ongoing which would then be used to sponsor my new workplace.

I will not release anything in 2019 but I have already 3 tape releases confirmed for 2020 and more is planned. Expect some heavy stuff, some is new, some is old.

All new releases will get produced on ecofriendly products where I will try to avoid whenever it is possible any plastic like tape cover, adhesive strips and more. (I already changed my personal lifestyle to a mainly plastic free living…) I just want to have a better ecological footprint for myself and my project.

Whats next?

  • I will post in the upcoming days a longly awaited interview with an artist which I released on my label.
  • I will post my last two donations I made for 2019 with a total amount of more than 1500$ in total.