Gaia is falling

Gaia is falling: A better world is possible

I will inform you about personal things and environmental issues on a format called: Gaia is falling. As you may know Gaia is another word for the world. With that I want to express my emotions on what is going on. Some posts are positive, other ones negative.
The main reason, why I will post this stuff is, otherwise after a certain time I would „explode“. I really need an outlet for my emotions and thoughts. In the past I tried it with sport, writing lyrics, reading books or just taking a walk outside. As I am no longer active in a band, and writing down my thoughts in form of lyrics, I hope this will help me, to stay calm as good as possible, without breaking the law. I believe, sometimes it is needed to break the law, when there is no other way to fight the injustice. Only because the society and government says it is illegal, it doesn’t mean it isn’t right to fight for what you stand for.
Every time when I am alone at home and it is silent, I can hear non-human animals scream in my head. They are screaming all the time, all over the world in slaughterhouses, laboratories and stables.

Imagine when you live on an one square meter big „room“ your whole life. You never see the sunlight. You never feel warm grass under your feet. You can’t even turn around, because there is not enough space. Or imagine being in a laboratory where you get tested every day on toxic substances, just to make sure another species, the same which tortures you, is able to live as long as possible. As longer as men lives, as longer non-human animals will stay in cages and die for us.
I really do not want to be a part of that species anymore. Thats the main reason, why I will show you my inner-self. I really do not care, if you think my views are too radical, if so fuck yourself. Because what human beings do is disgusting. If you think we really need to change something, then be curious what you will read here on this blog. I am not so naive to think, I will change the world, but at least I will no longer stay silent and will do what I think it is the right thing.

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