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Gaia Is Falling: My problem with fur farming

I just watched Klatki, a documentary about fur farming in Poland, UK and Lithuania. This was the first documentary regarding animal exploitation in a while. Even without watching all of them, my hate for humanity is still big enough, that I keep fighting for animal liberation.

I guess my very first action against animal cruelty was, to print leaflets against fur in school and hand them out on the streets. I never really understand why people are wearing the skin of a dead animal and when I ask them, what they would think of me, if I would wear the skin of a human baby, they just look disgusted. Thats exactly the same as I look at them when they wear non-human animals.

I mean do we really „need“ to torture and murder millions of non-human animals in horrible conditions just to wear them? There is no real difference to leather, but in fur farms non-human animals even suffer more, in my opinion. It is not just, that minks, raccoons and foxes die for nothing, no they also live their whole life in tiny cages with almost no food or water, no fenced run areas, everything smells like shit, no real medical care. They get treated like objects not like subjects.

Even if countries like UK ban cat and dog fur imports, there are so many other animals which die for their fur. A positive information is, that more and more countries want to ban fur farms and the import of fur, so even politicians understand, that there is no real need for that product of non-human animals. In the meantime organizations like Open Cages investigate fur farms, document the cruel and people on the streets are marching for total animal liberation.

If you want to support the anti-fur movement you can:

Klatki: The Hidden Farms of Europe (2018 DOCUMENTARY) from Klatki (Film) on Vimeo.

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