Gaia is falling

Gaia is Falling: Natural Selection and why I believe in it

I am into a few Facebook groups about veganism, vegan grocery, vegan receipts etc. There was a question from a user, if it is okay to take medicine, when you are sick. My answer was pretty simple: No. And now I will explain you why.
It is not because I am straightedge and therefore refuse any type of drugs and medicine is in certain ways also a form of a drug, but of course not all of them. But thats not the main reason for me, to say, I do not want to take meds. It is because almost every medicine is tested by animals. I can’t claim to live vegan and then support all those multinational corporations and their greedy actions with exploiting animals for their profit to tell us, we really need medicine for every single ouchie.
I mean how terrible is vivisection? We give them carcinogenic substances to see what happens and when non-human animals die, all what they say is: Okay, now let’s change a little bit the mixture and see if that changes the results. Of course, it will not change anything. And even if something changes all they can say is, that now they need to check what happens when humans take them too, because the non-human animal organism is different from ours. So why do we even test on animals if we already know, those tests are not enough significant to give them immediately to humans. And the worst part of vivisection is, humans don’t do it for the animals, no, they do it, for us and at the end of those experiments the animals get killed. Other species like chimps getting held in captivity their whole life. They were breed for one reason, get tortured, exploited and then murdered to pay the checks of the big bosses, so they can get richer than rich.
There are also different types of animal testing like:
* injecting or force feeding animals with potentially harmful substances
* exposing animals to radiation
* surgically removing animals’ organs or tissues to deliberately cause damage
* forcing animals to inhale toxic gases
* subjecting animals to frightening situations to create anxiety and depression.
Some experiments require the animal to die as part of the test. For example, regulatory tests for botox, vaccines and some tests for chemical safety are essentially variations of the cruel Lethal Dose 50 test in which 50% of the animals die or are killed very close to death.
Is this really something you want to support, when you are sick at home, because of a runny nose? I hope you say no. Otherwise, I would offer you to go through the same process as animals need to go during the experiments.
There are still many species not defined as animals by legislation governing, so some countries won’t need any official permission to experiment on animals. They are still defined as „things“. Here comes the work from anti-animal testing companies in game, who are fighting to end this suffering. As already written in my last post about the documentary Unlocking the cage, things are moving forward and animals are receiving equal rights step by step.
I rather die, then taking any type of medicine and support this cruelty. Right now I am also trying to work out an official document where doctors are not allowed to give me anything which was tested on animals or contains animal products. This will be something similar to an advance health care directive, which prohibits life-sustaining measures.
This is also the reason why I believe in natural selection. If my body can’t handle the sickness, I will die. Our bodies are stronger than you believe and there exists so many natural products out there which cure us, but we just won’t know that. I mean how did humans survived hundreds or thousands of years ago? Our planet gives us everything we need, but we are nowadays so „civilized“ that we are „creating“ new diseases, we then are not able to heal.
If you want to support companies who try to stop this madness, take a look to: Cruelty Free International This is the most popular organization I know and they are doing a great job! I guess you have seen their logo on cosmetic products.

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