Interview: Elegy – Branded by my convictions Vegan Straight Edge

Q: In your case, I need to ask a standard question at the beginning: What is the reason behind xELEGYx, what was your intention when you made the decision of starting that band, and of course, who are you?
A: Elegy exists because we’re five people who all deeply care and share ideals about how we should treat our planet and it’s inhabitants. We use this band as a medium to reach other people and inform them of important choices in their lives that they may not realize matter or have not tried. You got me (Cejas) on bass, Burke and Sven on guitars, Michael on drums and Kass “KVX” on vocals.
Q: That sounds good, I think I can also hear your anger about all the negative things humans are doing to non-human animals. And for me, you really have that pissed off nineties xvx metalcore style. Do you have a few bands which are an inspiration for you as individuals and as a band? It is also interesting that you said, you are using the band to reach and inform people. Do you think it is enough to inform them or do we need to go one step further like the original intention of the hardline movement was. Or is that something you do not want to get associated with hardline or something similar?
A: Yea, with veganism being a large impact on our lives we are very strongly against the ill treatment of the non-human animals in our world. The bands that inspired us musically and individually go hand in hand; such as Undying, Arkangel (early), Earth Crisis, xMaroonx, Reprisal, PFC. As far as reaching people goes, we think the best way to approach it is to look to friends and peers who have committed themselves so the knowledge can be spread. All of us having gone vegan for different reasons and at different stages in our lives, we feel that it is up to the person to decide to make the right choice and we will do what we can to guide and show people the truth through our music.
Q: So what you are saying is, it is better to go small steps (reaching friends, friends of friends etc.) than failing while going to far. Haha, I could imagine why you said Arkangel (early), it is just another band which sell out. Whats your opinion on selling out nowadays?
A: Exactly. We all feel that if you vow to make a commitment that you should follow through. If you know that you are going to falter in the mindset that you have or that you aren’t 100% dedicated to the lifestyle choice that you have made then you shouldn’t make a promise to yourself or to the people around you. While being vegan and straight edge to some people may not be that serious we all have made these promises to ourselves full-heartedly.
Q: True words. It’s like the first sentence of Xessive ForceX – Those who were: “You said you’d always be true, but you’re a weak motherfucker and you never had it in you!“ That’s exactly why I feel every time another person sells out. But let’s change a little bit the topic. You already performed your first shows, the first tape is already sold out everywhere. What are your next plans? More shows, more music? By any chance, also planning on touring over here in Europe? haha.
A: Yea, the reaction we had at our first show was much larger than we expected, which was pretty sick! We have some more shows coming up, including some with our friends in Drawing Last Breath and Bind. We definitely want to play more shows and are working on new music currently. Getting over to Europe is something we’d really like to do, but unfortunately not something feasible just yet.
Q: When I first heard your tape, I knew you will become a big and well-known band in the future. Good to hear you are working on new music. As more shows you will play as more people become aware of you and you can reach more and more people, hopefully they will then also change their mindset into a vegan lifestyle for the animals. Yea coming to Europe is a big step but I am sure, you will be able to realize it one day. Are you also stoked for Drawing Last Breath’s new record, which was released on CTW Records recently?
A: That’s all we can hope for; every single person counts towards making a significant change for the better. The dudes in DLB are great people who work hard on their music and we’re extremely happy for them. Their new album is awesome and everyone should check it out!
Q: Yea, we definitely need to make people aware of all that cruelty and try to save as much animals as possible. We still live in a world, where the animal holocaust is going on and on. We need to finish that, as soon as possible. I know people will now freak out when the read that, it is the truth! There is a systematic murder against non-human animals. Too many extinctions of species happened over the last decades. But let’s change the topic a little bit.Right now, I am also checking American news regularly, especially because of Trump. The situation right now in your country is not the easiest one. Is this also something you try to raise awareness on shows or your future songs? I mean there are so many protests, I read of these days. Are you also „political active“. I mean, do you fight also for a world free of Fascism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.?
A: Absolutely. What’s currently going on in the U.S. under Trump’s presidency is absurd. Every passing day under his neglectful “leadership” he continues to prove that he’s unfit to be our president.  We’ve been fortunate as a band to be given a platform where we can spread a message of importance to whoever will listen and it’s our responsibility to follow through with that especially when more younger people and outsiders are coming out to shows. Thankfully, the scene in South Florida is mostly comprised of forward thinkers who share most of the same ideals. Some of us engage in protests when we are able to. We have no tolerance for any sort of malevolent ignorance.
Q: Yea everyday when I think it can’t get worse, he shows us the next idiotic decree. And right now, that’s just the beginning. As he mentioned, the bigger decrees will follow the next weeks. How is it possible that so many people believe he is a good guy? Dumb fuckers! At least it good to see, people get active on the streets. Like Earth Crisis said on their track Firestorm:
A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in.
Let’s try to switch to some positive things. I really love the picture you used for your tape cover. I had a lot of art at school, so I am really interested in the story behind that painting. Can you tell us more about the picture?
A: The painting is called “gothic cloister in the moonlight, in the foreground a noblewoman”
As far as the picture goes, we first saw  it when we were finishing the writing for the demo and felt like it had a similar atmosphere to the music and after a few demo covers our drummer mocked up we felt like it was the most “us” and the one that looked best and best matched our music.
Q: Your music definitely matches in a good manner the cover picture. Especially the vocals have a lot of emotions. I love female vocals, when they sound so angry or rather when they scream. It pushes you even more in the moshpit. Haha. I was surprised how good breakdowns fit together with the guitar solos. Do you think it is still sometimes more difficult as a woman in the HC scene to be accepted? Is the scene in US at the point where equality is well integrated or are there still issues you experienced?
A: Vocals that have a lot of emotion are really sick to listen to, the combination of the music and vocals and the feelings behind everything that you’re hearing all in one is incredible and makes it so much more enjoyable. I don’t want to speak for all women involved in the hardcore scene because I don’t feel that it’s my place to do so, but my personal experience has been very accepting and pleasant. I think that things are improving over all in hardcore in every aspect, and each day things are progressing in a positive way.
Q: That is really good to hear. Hopefully you are able to do more shows and new music to influence even more people and keep up the good progress! Now with your first tape release is out, it was sold out immediately everywhere. Did you expect, that would happen?
A: We have a few really good shows lined up in the future, such as one with Forseen from Finland and another that hasn’t been announced yet with some friends from another state, we want to be able to play a lot of shows and have a good reputation as a band that plays well and plays often, as we think that’s the best way to get our message out there.
As for our demo tapes, we didn’t expect that it would happen as quickly as it did, but with the labels that put our tape out, we wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be more tapes than they could sell. We’d have just felt bad if they had made too many tapes and had a bunch of extras laying around.
Q: I totally got your point. It is better to start with a lower amount of copies and people like your stuff and want more, than releasing too much and people are not even interested in it. At least you see now, that people really are into your music and they want more! Haha.
Yea touring with well-known bands is also a good way to spread to word and getting more popular. I have seen you already played with bands like Bind, Ecostrike, Drawing Last Breath, etc. What was the coolest thing happened to you on a show? Tell us some sweet gig-stories!
A: Haha well we’ve only played 3 shows, so nothing really crazy has happened yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time.
Q: Haha okay. I thought there were already more shows. I have also seen a new flyer for a show in June. Really cool to see, things are moving! I guess we can expect some great records from you. Is there anything you wanna tell us, before we finish the interview?
A:Keep a look out for The Onslaught, a south Florida hardcore compilation that we’re gonna be on with our friends in more metalic hardcore bands. South Florida hardcore forever. Go vegan

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