Interview: xDestroy Babylonx – VSXE Saved My Life

Q: 2018 marks the 10th year anniversary of By The Knife. What are your feelings when you see that bad boy finally pressed on vinyl?

A: I am super proud that some people still care about this record. Back then we felt the urgency of letting our songs and message available to everyone in no time so we decided to upload it for free. Vinyls have their fascination for sure so yeah, pretty stoked you guys pressed it.

Q: If you could change the lyrics, would you change anything? Or do you still believe 100% in what you said back in the days?

A: I wouldn’t change it at all. The music and the message we wrote was exactly how we felt 10 years ago. We were angry, militant and pretty much viewed the world in black and white with very little shades of grey. It was a reflection of our frustrations but also our own way to feel empowered by our strong values related to Earth, Human and Animal liberation.

Q: Is there anything you regret regarding your band, except that you broke up? Haha.

A: I wish we could have toured more for sure. Wish we would have toured South America and Asia all over but no, I wouldn’t say we have regrets at all.

Q: So many people sold out over the last couple of years. What is your opinion on that topic?

A: People do go through changes in their life and I am not here to pass on stupid judgments. Who am I to judge someone’s suffering or pain or conflicts? Personally I am happy to see that a lot of people stayed true to their beliefs. Living clean, free of addiction, far away from cruelty will never get old. Someone might go through cycles and I have seen it happen so many times to so many people. It is totally ok to accept yourself and your weaknesses and it’s more than ok to step back and realize what truly inspires you, what makes you happy and smile for real in your every day life. It doesn’t really impress me to meet drug free people or even vegan people who are total assholes and bring no light to themselves nor the people around them. The vegan straightedge should help you path a way to self improvement and joy. If it works against you and against the people around you then you should reconsider your choices.

Q: Everyone from the band works now in a different working areas. Is promoting a compassionate vegan lifestyle still a thing for you, or do you keep it for yourself?

A: Well we all do our part for sure. Luca, our guitarist for example, has opened an awesome all vegan restaurant in our hometown. We are all trying our best with our kids, our friends and family on a daily basis.

Q: Especially younger people most probably never had a chance to see you live on stage. Can you share some cool stories from your shows?

A. Well I have many memories from different times. Japan was surreal for sure but also the early days where people seemed to be so fucking offended by us living a drug free and vegan lifestyle. This one time this kid in Cesena threw a bottle that missed my face by a couple of inches. This other time a whole crowd in the UK stood with their back to the stage as a statement against us. I guess the hardcore scene has always been full of lunatics and crazy individuals.

Q: If you ever have the chance to stay on stage with a band, which one would that be?

A: Thats a good question. I had the chance to share stage with some of my all time favorite bands like Earth Crisis, Youth of Today and Shelter so maybe I would say Insted. I loved their positive message when I was a teenager.

Q: There were some rumors about band members from xDestroy Babylonx were hardline. Can you comment on that topic and share your views on militant veganism?

A: Hardline was something needed back in the days. I had the chance to talk a lot about this with its founder Sean Muttaqi who is a great friend of mine. You have to consider that we are talking about an age where we would buy dehydrated soy chunks in a pharmacy. That was our only vegan alternative. We were like aliens inside a world that seemed to have no time nor will to listen to our voice. That is the scenario that created a movement like hardline. We were super naive and honestly I think we even touched topics like abortion and homosexuality with poor knowledge and sensitivity. That is my very personal opinion of course. Militant veganism has been a great thing. It has helped millions of animals to be rescued so that is a great thing, period. Of course times change and now the approach could and should be different. Being vegan is super easy. It has become part of our cultures’ consumption trends. I am not here to give a political view on this topic but I am happy to find all these great options today, basically everywhere in the western world. 

Q: As you know, Animals X Kingdom supports different sanctuaries, shelters and the animal liberation movement. Many people love that non-profit factor. Is there a good cause you want to promote and encourage people to donate to?

A: Shelters are just amazing and the people working no stop to rescue and take care of animals are and will be my heroes. In the last year only I have donated money to Josh from To Kill/Tempest and Greg from Trial for their upcoming documentary On The Wild Side which is a full on documentary on the world of hunting worldwide. I also helped the recording of another great documentary made by my friend Stefano Stefanini on transgender individuals being heavily abused by their own communities, even in crazy environments like refugee camps and so on. Anything to help raise awareness towards animal liberation, racism, sexism, religious bigotry and human over human exploitation is a great tool we can all explore, each of us in our own way.

Q: Many people asked for it, will you come back on stage in the near future?

A: It would be fun, we have talked about it but we haven’t made our final decision yet. We are all very busy with our million projects but you never know, you better stay tuned.

Q: If there is anything you want to say feel free to share it with us.

A: I am off to India now with Ray Cappo from Shelter for a few weeks. Hope to bring back even more wisdom, gratitude and knowledge to share. Thank you for what you do, thank you for your commitment and never stop inspiring others to live, smile, fight and grow.


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