News: Animal Liberation Activism News 24.09.17

Direct Action

17.09.17 UK: Anti Badger Cull activists destroyed badger cages, broke two release pens, got rid of multiple electric fences and took feeders and drinkers away. They caused thousands of pounds worth of damage in Cornwall.

17.09.17 ALF Germany: Quiet a lot of posters from the Charles Knie circus were destroyed, sabotaged and/or spraypainted in Breisgau.

20.09.17 ALF Chile: Activists spraypainted the front of a butcher shop and made it clear, they do not tolerate exploiting animals anymore.

21.09.17 West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs UK: Persistent Hunt Saboteurs presence has led to no cub hunting so far this season for the Atherstone Hunt.

22.09.17 Liverpool Hunt Saboteurs UK: A badger was released from a trap.

22.09.17 France: A butcher shops lock was glued at Saint Pierre La Palud.

22.09.17 Hunt Saboteurs Sweden: Activists destroyed deerstands.

23.09.17 Beds & Bucks Hunt Saboteurs UK: Due to their presence, no animal was harmed, but the Huntsman got confronted with the police for violent actions against hunt saboteurs.

23.09.17 Bristol Hunt Saboteurs UK: Because of good tactics, no fox was killed, but they saw one fox running away before the hounds got him.


17.09.17 – 23.09.17 Anonymous for the Voiceless Everywhere: Over 35 Cube of Truths were held around the globe

16.09.17 – 17.09.17 Berlin: The Greenmarket Autumn Edition took place in Berlin, with many different food trucks and stands with cruelty free products.

Animal Rights Activists & Prisoners

21.09.17 USA: Joseph Buddenberg is now transferred to FCI Coleman. He is no longer in SHU (Special Housing Unit also known as the hole).

If you want to write him a letter, here is his mailing address:

Joseph Buddenberg #12746-111

FCI Coleman Low

PO Box 1031

Coleman, FL 33521

You can also „donate“ books of his wishlist. For details check his amazon wishlist

Because this is some intense work to check everything, stay up2date and bundle all the news together, I appreciate every help from people like you. If you come across any news regarding direct actions, events or ALF POW’s please let me know by writing me an email to:

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