News: Preview for 2018 and what you can expect

You may have read my post on FB regarding my physical condition and why I haven’t posted anything in the last weeks.

I will use the last weeks of the year to recover from the pain and start in the new year with some great projects. What to expect in 2018:


  • Finally the release of Nueva Etica – Inquebrantable 12“ (finished artwork will follow soon)
  • Release of the First Volume of my xvx benefit compilation
  • A tape release with a live set of a great band
  • A full-length co-release of an album which was never released on vinyl
  • A full-length release with all the lyrics written by me


  • Interviews with Kurt from Catalyst Records, Sean from Vegan Reich, Tom from SEVIN, Ale from Vegan Records, ECOSTRIKE and many more


  • My first own shirt design
  • More designs with Vegan X Merch
  • Watches from Vegan X Merch


  • Interim conclusion from my donation to Berlin shelter
  • Where the money goes for the xvx benefit compilation
  • Changes how/when I will donate money


  • Weekly ALAN with more updates
  • Promotion for smaller independent projects related to animal liberation
  • Start again with my blog posts called Gaia is falling

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