News: Vegan X Merch & Animals X Kingdom

I am really excited to announce, that Animals X Kingdom and Vegan X Merch will work together now. We will do some shirt designs together, but mostly I will have Fabrícios designs available in my shop in the near future.

As I will print the shirts here in Germany, expect sometimes other colorways, but allways the same design. Every design I will have online is from Vegan X Merch, except collaboration works we will announce and declare separately.

Because I really don’t know how much demand we will have for the gear, I will allways do like a pre-order, print then the shirts and send them to you. So please allow a couple of weeks to get your shirts. Every leftover will be available immediately online!

We will start with this project with the beginning of the next month!

I just want to say thank you Fabrício for this opportunity and I am really happy to work wirh such a dedicated person, who is fighting for a good cause.

Last but not least, as usual, every proceed will get donated!

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Animals X Kingdom & Vegan X Merch

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