Release: XVX Benefit compilation Vol I

AK3 is coming next month. It is not a release of one band, no I am working with a bunch of bands to release a full length benefit compilation.

The name of the compilation will be: YOU ARE THE PLAGUE AND WE ARE THE CURE. Why I am using this sentence for the album? It is really easy! Omnivore people are destroying our planet and eradicate non human animals for greed, fun and taste. Compassionate people – ethical living vegans, are trying to stop this madness by showing the community, that another world is possible.

The compilation only features vegan straightedge bands. The final line-up is:

  • Statement
  • Sect XVX
  • Wake of Humanity
  • Mil Caras
  • Sendero
  • xDestroy Babylonx
  • Gather
  • To Ashes
  • Lifegrab
  • xreignx

Statement recorded a completele new song, exclusive for the compilation, other bands will contribute existing tracks. I am really happy that all those bands are working with me together.

I will announce in the next couple of weeks the organization/shelter I will donate the money I earn with the record.

For all the collectors out there. I will only do a one-time run out of 150 copies on solid black vinyl. Why only 150 copies and why only black vinyl? Because I pay the production of the record from my own personal money and black vinyl is the cheapest option. I will limit it to 150 copies, to make it sure, I will sell all my copies. If the demand is higher as expected, I will do a tape version, but definitely no vinyl re-press. So better act fast, if you are interested in, haha.

The complete pressing info is:

  • 50 copies with standard cover but marked as bandcopies
  • 50 copies as pre-order with different ink
  • 100 regular copies on black vinyl



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