News: What to expect next

I am working on a lot of good stuff in the background. To bypass the waiting time, I will post the next days and weeks articles regarding featured bands you will be able to listen/read/buy it in the near future.

The very first blog entry is dedicated to my most favorite band, called Gather.

Gather was a vegan straight edge hardcore band from California, US. The band was formed by: Eva (vocals), Dustin (drums),  Allan (guitar) & Randy (bass). They had a strong green anarchist attitude and didn’t mince their mouth for what they stand for. They released their first demo, together with a zine in 2004. With assistance from Scott Crouse, band member of Earth Crisis, on an additional guitar part for one song and the producing, they spread the word out to the world and especially their first tour. Because the band xMaroonx from Germany was not able to come to the states in 2004, they filled-in for the well known Total Liberation Fest Tour. A short time later the official demo, also called Total Liberation 7“ was released. Henceforth the connections to other vsxe bands were made and in 2005 the split with the awesome band Seven Generations came out. This was also the second and at the same time last 7“ from Gather, but fortunately not their last record. One year later, in 2006, I guess their biggest step to become more popular, was the European Tour with To Kill. The 12“ „Beyond the Ruins“ was released the same year on xCatalystx Records. By the way the other two, were released on New Eden Records. Together with their last release, there were also made some with special covers, for their reunion show as a tribute for Seven Generations, whom played on that date their last show. They toured together with bands like To Kill, Seven Generations, Kingdom and Punch. Due to health implications with Evas throat, Gather will never perform any shows in the future.


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