Hunt Sabbed Northants Mink Hounds

When: 27. May 2018

Where: Northants Mink(Otter) Hounds, Mill Farm, Beachampton, Buckinghamshire.

What: Sabs got together today after a local tip-off to shut down a meet of the Northants Mink(Otter) Hounds.

The Hunt had managed to get around 100m away from their meet at Mill Farm near Milton Keynes, when they were spotted using long range lenses from across the wheat fields. With a pack of mixed foxhounds and otterhounds, they hunted north-east along a tributary of the River Great Ouse, causing large amounts of destruction to the river habitat as they went.

Otter slips (tracks where otters enter the water) were spotted by sabs, but the minkhound pack were not able to get any serious hunting done today before they were intercepted and sent back to their meet.

Again, the regular support were carrying spades, a gun and were leading several terriers. Clear signs of their intent to hunt live quarry, whatever they claim when sabs (and nowadays the police) show up.

After a short standoff, camera lenses at twenty paces, Thames Valley police were summoned to protect the hunt. We politely but firmly stood our ground and stated that we weren’t moving until hounds were packed and sent home.

Police officers dutifully complied and shortly after, the hound van was sent on its way, leaving the ancient sandwich munching brigade stood about wondering what to do with the rest of their afternoon.

A successful afternoon, with the hunt packed up before even getting their boots muddy.

Sabs from North Cambs Hunt Sabs, Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, Northants Hunt Saboteurs and Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs joined for today’s work.

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