Thousands of Pheasants liberated

When: 14. April 2018

Where: UK

What: „Biggest release in the history of British animal liberation? On the evening of the 14th April 2018, our group entered onto the 1 and half acre site owned by ‘Southern Partridges’. There was a mix of older cages and newer ones, each cage typically houses 2 – 5 birds. The long rows of cages side by side on this site means that in total there are easily 20,0000+ partridges when the site is full.

The purpose of having this factory farm set up is so that many thousands of eggs are hatched onsite every week and are then sold on to shoots to just be used as live targets. Well, not any more.

The rows of cages go right up to the home of the owner, those last few rows of cages closest to the house were left due to concern over the noise of fleeing birds waking the occupants. A few rows of cages were also already empty, meaning in total between 12,000-16,000 birds were released. The older style cages had a slide wooden flap, the newer ones had a lifting metal flap, each one of us was opening cages at the rate of 60-80 a minute. We worked hard and in less than two hours we’d opened as many as we could, the air was thick with birds, partridges flew around us constantly. It was a truly uplifting experience knowing our evening’s work was saving all these individual lives from a hellish daily experience, not only that, but also none of their offspring would be taken and sold on to gamekeepers. That night we dealt a huge blow to the partridge shooting industry in the UK and those involved in this disgusting activity would be foolish not to expect more from us.

Until every cage is empty, Animal Liberation Front”

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