I am just right before the release of You Are The Plague And We Are The Cure Vol. I. The compilation will be my first release where half of all the income will remain on my second bank account and act as my seed capital. I also decided that, all upcoming tape releases will be used only for the sanctuary and half of all vinyl releases too. The rest gets donated to shelters, sanctuaries and other organizations who are fighting for animals.


As I want to be as transparent as possible I will keep you updated with any progress made for Animals Kingdom Sanctuary. Right now the first step is to launch a non-profit organization. To get it registered here in Berlin, I need at least 7 members. Right now there is only me and a friend. I do not ask for assistance, but it would help me a lot if I can use your name for a membership to achieve the next step.

Next step is to register a separate bank account if people want to donate directly and/or to put a small amount of money from orders of my shop aside.

If sanctuaries want to support me by sharing helpful information and best practices in a daily live, I would appreciate it.

Everything related to the sanctuary is handled with my mail account