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Unborn & Vegan Militia is a split release of two dedicated people righting for animal liberation.

Unborn is an old band from England and for this album, Rat from Statement recorded everything including lyrics and vocals.

Vegan Militia is a one-man project from Spain. Because I respect the privacy of the person behind, no further information will get disclosed.

Originally this split was released as a CD version by Vegan Records in 2013.


01 Unborn – As The Blood Flows
02 Unborn – Global Control
03 Unborn – Free To Be Human
04 Unborn – I Reject
05 Unborn – The Shadow Of Darkness
06 Unborn – Through Your Eyes
07 Vegan Militia – Introviolence
08 Vegan Militia – Death With Suffering
09 Vegan Militia – Prenatal War
10 Vegan Militia – Abstinence
11 Vegan Militia – Killing People To Save Animals
12 Vegan Militia – Totalitarian Liberation

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